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Sub Area Plans

The Imagine Flint Master Plan included creating 8 sub-area plans that focus on small areas throughout the city. These plans were meant to showcase a vision for key areas and assets around the city, and to focus on areas that are highly susceptible to change or a desire for change. All of the properties within each subarea shown below share some commonality and functionality that establish a relationship of the character within each district. During the planning process workships were held in each sub area to help guide planning with assistance from the public.

Below are the 8 subarea plans from throughout the city, and also the powerpoints created from the Subarea Workshops.

Draft Subarea Plans

Subarea 1 - Pierson Road

Subarea 2 - North Saginaw

Subarea 2- North Saginaw Workshop Presentation

Subarea 3 - Welch & Dupont

Subarea3- Welch & Dupont Workshop Presentation

Subarea 4 - University Avenue

Subarea 4- University Avenue Workshop Presentation

Subarea 5 - Central Saginaw

Subarea 5- Central Saginaw Workshop Presentation

Subarea 6 - Eastside

Subarea 6- Eastside Workshop Presentation

Subarea 7 - Dort

Subarea 7- Dort and Delphi East Workshop Presentation

Subarea 8 - South Saginaw